Submission of Minisymposium Proposals

Relevant scientists in the fields of the congress are invited to organize Minisymposia (MS) in the different topics of the conferences.
Participation of research teams from all parts of the world is welcomed and encouraged, as well as proposals of Minisymposia in new developing areas.

Call for Minisymposia proposals will be launched on 14 December, 2018. Notification of acceptance will be submitted in the Spring of 2019.

MS proposals shoud be submitted through the conference Web site, and have to follow the template.
To be able to submit a MS proposal, you have to first register.

If you are not registered
  1. Enter your personal data in the Web form (choose your own login name and password) and save it.
  2. Access your personal record and complete the MS proposal information. Be sure to complete the submission by clicking on the "Add" button. Only .pdf files can be uploaded (maximum size 1 MB).
If you are registered
  1. Enter the site using your login name and password.
  2. Continue as described at Step 2 above.